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With years of experience and a commitment to exceptional customer service, we are your go-to providers of underground and hidden fences for dogs in Ohio. But, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Starting at $1,495

Ohio's Top-Rated Hidden Fences: Superior Quality & Lifetime Warranty

Our dedication to providing a high-quality product is reflected in our Lifetime Warranty. We take pride in delivering a reliable, durable, and effective solution for pet safety. With DogSafe, you can trust that your investment is protected and your pet is safe – not just for now, but for the lifetime of your pet.

Trusted Hidden Fence Company in Ohio

Family Owned & Operated in Ohio. Lifetime Warranty on All Fences.

Our passion is providing reliable and effective solutions to keep your pets secure within your property. Our professional installation, expert training, and ongoing support make us the trusted choice for hidden pet containment systems in Ohio. And our commitment doesn’t end after installation, we stand behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty.

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

With our innovative hidden fence systems, your pets can play and explore without worrying about leaving your property. We prioritize your pet’s safety by offering a secure and customizable solution that fits your yard’s unique shape and size.

Efficient Installation & Training Process

When you choose DogSafe, we ensure a quick and efficient installation process for your hidden fence system. Our experienced team will also provide thorough training for your pets, ensuring they understand the boundaries and stay safe within them.

Cost-Effective Solution | Underground Fence for Dogs

Our underground fence for dogs offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional fences. It requires minimal maintenance and saves you money while providing a secure environment for your pets.

Customizable Hidden Fence for Your Needs

Every yard is different, just like every pet. That’s why we offer customizable solutions for your hidden fence in Ohio. Our systems can be tailored to fit your specific yard, ensuring the perfect fit for your pet’s safety.

Our Technology

Discover our state-of-the-art fencing technology, tailored to deliver maximum safety and effectiveness for your pets across Ohio.

  • Support for multiple dogs
  • 30 Different stimulation levels
  • Over-Stimulation prevention
  • Run-Through Prevention
  • Anti-Linger to save battery life
  • Tone only option for highly sensitive dogs

Our Advanced Fencing Technology

Experience unparalleled safety and freedom for your pets with DogSafe’s cutting-edge fencing technology. Designed with precision and a keen understanding of pet behavior, our fencing options are tailored to offer maximum protection and freedom.

Traditional Loop

The Traditional Loop offers a continuous and secure perimeter, ensuring your pets have ample space to play while staying within safe boundaries. This loop is ideal for standard yard layouts, offering consistent coverage throughout.

Double Loop

The Double Loop is an option for customers who only want their dogs to have access to a certain area in the backyard. While it does provide extra containment, the two boundary wires take up a significant amount of backyard space. This can work well for large backyards, but may limit space in smaller yards. The Double Loop contains pets to one part of the yard, but reduces their access to the full backyard area.

Hourglass Loop

Keep your pets safely in the front or back yard with the Hourglass Loop. This design ensures your furry friends can enjoy both the front and backyard spaces without accessing the sides of the home. It’s perfect for homeowners wanting to separate play areas from utility spaces.

What Makes Us Different

We are Committed to Excellence
Free shipping on all orders over $99
We Prioritize Your Pet's Safety
Free shipping on all orders over $99
We Offer Customized Solutions
Free shipping on all orders over $99
We Promise Exceptional Customer Service
Free shipping on all orders over $99

A Family Owned Business

Discover the difference a family-owned business can make with personalized service and a passion for protecting your pets. Our professional installation, expert training, and ongoing support make us the trusted choice for underground pet containment in Ohio.

We believe when a customer decides to go with DogSafe Fences they are getting much more than a fence system. Each customer enters into what we call the DogSafe family, and are treated with the same level of integrity and attentiveness as we do our own relatives. If a DogSafe customer needs assistance on the weekend or after hours we answer the phone and have a solution. We do what it takes to get the job done right and back it up with a lifetime warranty. This is our promise to you, a Lifetime Warranty on all our fences, because we take this business personal and take pride in building the DogSafe Fences community larger each year.


Matt talked me through everything on the phone first and he answered ALL my questions and made sure I felt confident before we scheduled. He came out to my house and spent time working through the boundary of my yard. He ran through all the pros and cons of the way I wanted to avoid our driveway in the fence boundary. We’ve never had an electric dog fence before so after his thorough truly explanation and dog training- I feel confident that my dogs will find success in their new yard! 10/10 would recommend Matt!!!

Matt and his son Jacob just installed our new fence this morning. Matt did an excellent job working with us and our three German Shorthair Pointers to understand the easy to use system. Matt reassured us that he would be available to answer any questions and to come back out if we ever needed him to. Did we mention DogSafe has a Lifetime warranty? Thanks Matt and Jacob!

Matt was wonderful from my 1st inquiry call until the final part of my installation. He installed the underground fence and was respectful of my property. He showed me how the system worked and trained my two dogs. His price is several hundred dollars cheaper than 2 other competing companies. I would highly recommend Matt and his company Dog Safe Underground Fence.

We are so pleased with the professionalism that DogSafe had when they came out to our home to install our hidden fence. DogSafe’s knowledge and capabilities put our minds at ease knowing that our three dogs are secure within the hidden fence. We love not having to use leashes to take our dogs outside anymore!

“Matt’s expertise with DogSafe Fences was a game-changer for us! Despite our challenging yard filled with tree roots, the installation was impeccable. But what truly stood out was his compassion and adaptability in training Jackie, our eight-month-old, deaf mini Labradoodle. Using sign language, Matt ensured Jackie felt both free and safe within our yard. His patience extended to me as well, always being there to answer my questions with clear explanations. With DogSafe, not only do you get an efficient hidden fence but also a team that truly listens and cares. Jackie’s freedom and our peace of mind are testaments to their exceptional service!”

– Robin, Marysville OH

“Working with DogSafe Fences, and particularly with Matt, has brought an incredible change to our lives and the lives of our two miniature Goldendoodles. Our challenging property spans three acres, yet Matt’s expertise ensured our dogs now enjoy one full acre, tailored just for them, with secure boundaries. The installation process was smooth, despite the vastness of our land. What’s more remarkable is how quickly our dogs adapted to their new environment—Matt’s patient guidance using clear, effective training methods made their transition a success from the very first day. The safety and freedom our dogs experience, and the peace of mind we’ve gained, speak volumes of the exceptional service provided by DogSafe. We’re beyond grateful and confidently recommend Matt and DogSafe for anyone seeking a dependable hidden fence solution.”

– Joette, Wilmington OH

Our Pricing

Discover the difference a family-owned business can make with personalized service and a commitment to protecting your pets. Our professional installation, expert training, and ongoing support make us Ohio’s reliable choice for underground pet containment.

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Have questions or need assistance? We’re here to help! Send us a message, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re committed to providing the best customer service and ensuring the safety of your beloved pets.